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  • Plugin Author Hristo Pandjarov


    SiteGround Representative

    There’s a bug with the latest WooCommerce version which generates a file name too-long to be archived and transferred. This causes the migration of such sites to fail with Critical Environment Error. We’ve filed a report with WooCommerce and waiting for them to address it:

    Meanwhile, as a workaround, you can put your site in maintenance mode with some plugin, delete the wp-content/plugins/woocommerce folder, transfer the site and then install WooCommerce anew after the migraiton is completed both on your old server and the new one.

    I will update this post once there’s a permanent solution

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  • Thanks for the info Hristo, do you know if deleting the woocommerce folder will affect any site configurations/shopping cart settings if that folder is deleted?
    Can you just reinstall the plugin or does it then need to be configured again?

    here is the error I got.

    [type] => 1
        [message] => Uncaught PharException: tar-based phar "/home3/myvirclo/public_html/wp-content/uploads/1591358687-dead8c3fb2a4dec20cbb816e3f3257b409905928/plugins/woocommerce.tar" cannot be created, filename "packages/woocommerce-admin/dist/chunks/vendors~activity-panels-inbox~activity-panels-orders~activity-panels-stock~dashboard-charts~devdocs~~f6270017.20e4990156e0a34c18b0.js" is too long for tar file format in /home3/myvirclo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/siteground-migrator/includes/class-siteground-migrator-files-service.php:205

    you may want to tell your Siteground tech support this, i chatted with them today and asked them about any plugin conflicts and they were unaware.

    Any update on when this will be solved? Im still waiting to be migrated.

    Also if I was to delete woocommerce and reinstall later does it remove all the woocommerce settings?

    Kind Regards

    Plugin Author Hristo Pandjarov


    SiteGround Representative

    Issue has been solved, we’re just waiting for maintenance release:

    Thanks for the heads up. Waiting for this release

    Could you please tell when the release will be available ?

    Hi, do we have news regarding this?

    Can we get an estimated release date please?

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    Same problem also ! replying to get a notification of when it get sovled !

    Plugin Author Stanimir Stoyanov


    SiteGround Representative


    We are waiting for WooCommerce to release a new version.

    The issue has been fixed in WooCommerce Admin, so once a new version of WooCommerce is released, it will be fixed there as well.


    @sstoqnov Yes I saw that !
    Great job!
    This doesn’t mean that by installing WooCommerce Admin i can solve it right?

    Thank you so much šŸ™‚

    Plugin Author Stanimir Stoyanov


    SiteGround Representative

    Unfortunately no.

    The Woocommerce plugin has some scripts/styles, which are generated when a new version of Woocmmerce is released.

    So we wait for Woocommerce to release a new version, where the styles/scripts won’t have such long names because the issue is fixed in WooCommerce Admin.


    Hello! Sorry to ask this but im a bit hurried for this i wanted to ask a maybe stupid question, but if I roll back the woocommerce plugin to a older version with a pluggin like wp rollback would it correct it so i could move and then re- update?
    Also for the other option where I delete the woocommerce plugin and reinstall, would all my products, and settings be deleted?

    Have updated Woocommerce 4.2.1 and am still having the same issues with migrator.

    Fails with critical error.

    filename "packages/woocommerce-admin/dist/chunks/analytics-report-categories~analytics-report-coupons~analytics-report-customers~analytics-report-dow~99eefb40.14e64a592bdaa342c3a7.min.js" is too long for tar file format

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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