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    I am using free Swatch theme by Woothemes for my wordpress website Aero-Sapiens

    I am using its Portfolio feature and I have successfully created many items as well which are visible correctly on this example page

    Now, when I am trying to add a new portfolio item, in the same manner as above, My gallery layout is not working correctly. Along with pics at above, it is also showing same pics under text on left side of the page.

    Could you please assist where I can be wrong as I am doing the page setup in exactly similar way still its working on one link and not working on other.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.


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  • Try

    Commercial themes can’t really be supported here.



    Hi WPypgi,

    Thanks for reply. However I don’t completely agree with you for the reasons stated below:

    –> I am using Free version of Swatch Theme by Woothemes which is equally liable to receive support in public forums as any other Free theme.
    –> Moreover, the issue I am facing might not be with the theme at all. Reason for that is, same feature (portfolio) is working for me for the portfolio items created before, but for all the new items I am creating now, in exactly the same manner as before, it is showing extra pics as in links referred above in my original post as well.

    Thus I feel the issue could be due to some of the new compatibility issues raised due to some other plugin or hosting server updates, if any, as well.

    If I can be assured that the issue is only due to theme, I might not expect a response here, but since the issue could be anywhere else as well (considering theme is showing correctly in old portfolio pages), I believe I deserve a reply/help/support from all my fellow wordpress mates.

    Hope now you can take a second look on my post and share your opinion on fixing the issue.

    Thanks in advance,

    Yep, you are right — my apologies — free versions are fine here. I was not aware of two versions. But if it’s a very specific theme problem, people here may or may not be as helpful as the developers. I looked at your site and can’t offer much specific help as I’m not familiar that theme — sorry.

    That said, have you tried disabling all your plug-ins to see if there is a conflict?

    Clearing up some mark-up errors may also help:

    Note — I had not seen the other threads you were part of on this issue — sounds like a theme issue since other people have also had trouble with it.

    Given that, you might consider finding another theme or if you really want to use that theme, pay for the supported version.



    Hi WPyogi,

    Thanks for atleast considering the issue and giving it a try.

    Well now I have fixed the issue, rather found a workaround to fix it. For all fellow folks, who might be having a similar issue, solution is to add gallery in top of your portfolio item page and add atleast that much pics so that gallery items gets splitted into two rows as visible in my site links in above post.

    Hope it helps. Revert if anyone need further information on it.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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