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    Thanks for a fab plugin, wonder if you could advise on particular issue with our setup?

    We use roots/bedrock and roots/sage as our starter theme on our Woocommerce/Wordpress site. By default, Bedrock has a config/application.php file and in there a setting of:

    // Disable plugin and theme updates and installation from the admin
    //Config::define('DISALLOW_FILE_MODS', true);

    This basically disables the ability to update WordPress and it’s plugins from Admin, which is very useful!

    The problem however with this is that with this setting true above, when trying to enable the Redis Object Cache plugin, it says the Filesystem is not writeable.

    Is there any way around this while still keeping the restriction of not allowing admins to perform updates? FYI I have tried settingWP_REDIS_DISABLE_DROPIN_CHECK but that didn’t work.

    Many thanks

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    OK, just found that changing the setting to false, enabling the plugin, then changing the setting back to true works and Redis continues running just fine.

    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    You can enable the cache using wp redis enable when DISALLOW_FILE_MODS is set.

    We respect the wishes of WordPress and don’t touch the filesystem when DISALLOW_FILE_MODS is set.

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