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    Hi Team,

    Checkout loader spinner gets spinning and not moving to thank you page

    This issue is appeared only after updating the wp mail smtp plugin (3.0.3)

    Could you please send me previous two versions of the plugin to my email ID (taj.mohamed30@gmail.com) as our website is live and risk of loosing customer if we put it to offline too many hours

    also can you please check what issue with latest version

    For now temporarly disabling the plugin until I receive old version to my email

    FYI – after disabling I find no issues in navigating to thank you page from checkout page


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  • Hi there
    I got the same issue like you. Have you know how to solve this problem? If you’ve solved this problem, could you tell me step by step to fix this.
    Thanks a lot!

    @tajmohamed30 Hello there, i did some test with version 2.9, and still got that issue.
    i think we have to find another way to fix. :v

    Hi @tajmohamed30,

    Thanks for reaching out. When the loading is spinning, your site is probably trying to connect to the SMTP server you’ve configured, but it could not connect. Can you please share the mailer/SMTP settings you’re using and check by sending an email from WP Mail SMTP > Email Test?

    @phmtiendat This is likely not the same issue you’re facing. You’re probably using a different SMTP server and your site is hosted on a different server. Please create a new support post with the details I asked for above.


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    Hi Sanjeev,

    FYI – I haven’t change any email settings from my site from beginning (16-June-2021) and the loader spinning issue and double email sending issue(from last two weeks) is getting for an order when customer force click checkout button multiple times during loader spinning issue to navigate thank you page.

    For test email there is no issue as it get soon gets received when given send email

    video reference below



    Hi @tajmohamed30,

    Thanks for sharing the details with the video. With WP Mail SMTP, the 5-7 seconds time between the checkout and thank you page is the time your site trying to connect to the SMTP host you’ve configured. When it’s infinitely loading, your site is unable to connect. There is no immediate solution but you might want to connect to your SMTP/webhost provider. When you’re deactivating WP Mail SMTP, there’s no delay because there’s no SMTP connection.

    If you’re using WooCommerce, there is probably a way to send emails asynchronously in the background with some custom code snippet that will fix this issue.

    Alternatively, I’d recommend switching to other mailers which are API based, SMTP are usually slower than APIs.

    I hope this helps!

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    thanks for letting me know

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