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ISP or Antivirus problem

  • Hi. I have a problem by trying to see a site I should administrate. It’s a chain of sites dedicated to the biggest fooball clubs in Europe and the guy who makes it made a new one with Manchester United, that should be mine.

    The problem is that even though I can see the other sites witch are on the same host like mine, I can’t actually see mine. Every time I try to visit it, it says Address Not Found (I use Firefox) or it shows me the http://www.ask.com search page if I’m more insistent. I tried to see it with http://www.anonymouse.org and it worked so I tried with ping and traceroute, but it didn’t worked.

    One morning I wanted to try again, and I was really really surprised because it actually worked this time, but since the next day, I can’t see it anymore. The site adress is not restricted from Control Panel, but somebody told me it may be the antivirus. I’m using Eset Smart Security and I disabled the Web Access Protection and the HTTP how I was told, but still it doesn’t work. Please very very much help me. I really need to see this site.

    The site is http://manutd.footballclub.ro

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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