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  • What I need is a slideshow that will:
    Show the last 5 posts from a certain category.
    Show the posts 1 at a time and automatically move to the next.
    Show the title, excerpt & featured image.
    Resize itself to fit screen resolution.
    Link to the article.

    I’ve been searching for days for a slideshow that fits my needs. I can’t begin to tell you how many plugins I’ve installed and deleted. I’m this >< close to giving up.

    The closest I’ve come to what I need is WordPress Content Slide. Its downfall is, it refuses to stay within the confines of its div. When resolution is set really low or when viewing on a mobile device, the slideshow overlaps the div floating into it (the sidebar).

    Adding overflow:hidden works to keep it inside the div, but then it just cuts off 1/2 of the slideshow, so that doesn’t work.

    So…. any suggestions on a free plugin that will fit my needs OR a fix to make my current plugin be more responsive?

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!

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