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  • Hi all. So my cohorts and I generate most of our blog content from the Facebook side. There are lots of ways to “show” Facebook content on one’s blog, but I want Facebook posts from a page, not just status updates but links as well, to actually populate my blog. Or even better, for there to be a two way sync between Facebook posts and WP blog posts. And yes, preferably any comments to the posts.

    There seem to be more than enough that will go from WP to FB but I want to go from FB to WP and not just show the FB content on the side.

    Wordbooker requires “PHP Curl module enabled and configured in such a way that it can connect to the Facebook Servers”. I have no idea what this is or where to check it.

    Maybe I’m not putting in the right search terms… Does anyone know of any plugins that will do this?

    Frustrated 🙂

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  • Wordbooker 2.1 pulls and pushes comments but pulling from walls in Facebook involves a lot more coding and very often Facebook Wall posts don’t make very good blog posts.

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