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  • jagge2004


    To my big surprise my blog using the wordpress defaul newest release renders very ugly in IE 6. when looking at it in firefox everything is perfect, but in IE 6 the pictures arent resized.

    Why is this so, it would be a shame if i have to rezise all pictures to correct size manually. As it is now it really renders ugly. The only thing i have changed is to remove the search field. The stylesheet is original.

    Hope someone can help

    Best wishes


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  • jagge2004


    By the way look at using IE and you will know what i mean, terrible :0)



    I dont have IE 6 anymore but in IE 7 it looks good?



    Jakob, are you implying that in earlier WP versions IE did resize your pictures?
    IE has never resized the pictures but that’s not a WP issue…

    (correct the URL in your profile, it has a comma in plus)



    The problem is IE, not WP! 🙂



    Hey thanks for the replies

    I have now updated my profile, thanks moshu :0)

    And i DONT imply that it has previously done this, this is my first blog with wordpress. And iam sorry to say that the typical kind of answer in the style of “this is a IE problem” doesnt do me much good. For me as a user it doesnt realy matter, the result isnt usable.

    Its good to know that it works in IE7 but sooo many still use 6 so i will give it another thought if wordpress is for me or i should go to another publishing tool. A shame though just got to like it :0).

    I dont really care for manually resizing all the pictures i need to post.

    But thanks for the replies anyway.


    Samuel B


    Well I’ve installed on all types of blogging platforms. If you want it to validate you always have to jack with it to get it to show right in IE. If you don’t care about validation – it’s easy.
    So it is an IE problem. Saying that, I always in the end have to do some serious work because a lot of folks do use IE6.
    Point is – no matter what platform you choose you’ll have to jack with it to compensate for IE’s crappy standards.




    I think coding for IE gets overlooked. What’s more important though is the fact many people have no choice but to use IE while at work. I work for a company that has 30,000+ employees world wide. We are exclusively microsoft. It is not an option of installing any other browser. All work done much look good in IE.

    don (el paso)




    The problem is the way browsers read the following bit of CSS:

    p img {width:100%;}

    IE appears to think this implies the image’s actual, original physical width. Firefox thinks this means 100% of the parent container’s width.

    So it IS an IE6 problem, but it’s a problem for IE6 because of your code.

    The solution is to use an exact pixel width in your CSS instead of the relative “100%”. Or use size attributes in your image tags.

    Given your design (“click on the image in the post to see the larger version”), another solution might be to display a thumbnail in the post, which WordPress can create for you automatically. And for which you could actually designate the size.

    IMHO, it doesn’t make sense to display a nearly full-size version in the posts if you’re linking to the full-size image.



    I agree that if a site is made for communication than it should work on both platforms.

    My problem is that iam not really able to tweak code so i will have to look for something else, or resize them myself. Have to figure that out.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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