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  1. Carlo Rizzante
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I got a weird problem with iSlidex and Timthumb.php (I'm on WordPress 3.1.1). I try to explain below.

    Having two "timthumb.php" scripts, one works (1. /themes/name/scripts/timthumb.php) and one other does not (2. /pluging/islidex/js/timthumb.php).

    Both cache folders have been set as 777. I tried also with 755.

    The weirdness is that the 1. works, and the 2. does not.

    The website is visible at http://kamal.wedolove.com/

    A note, offline, when I was working on http://localhost:8888/kamal/ (benefiting of MAMP), I had no such a problem at all.

    Can you please help me in figuring this out? Thanks in advance, ciao!

  2. Carlo Rizzante
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hallo again,
    I still did not quite get what exactly stop timthumb.php (provided by iSlidex) to work properly, but I solved the issue changing a line in the file islidex.php:



    define ('ISLIDEX_PLUGIN_JS', get_bloginfo('template_directory') ."/scripts");

    So that directing iSlidex in using timthumb.php that I use for other purposes in the layout of the website.

    This way I'm exposed at errors while updating, but I could not find an other solution. Changing the permission settings in 777 or 755 (even among all the website, not just the cache folder) did not produce results.


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