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  • Hello!
    It’s my first post here, but I’ve got a huge problem. I hope that anyone can help me.

    It’s all about iSlidex plug-in for WordPress (version 2.5). It looks great and works perfectly at local host, but problems appear after uploading it at remote server. Script doesn’t show any images and cache folder stays empty.

    I’ve tried to change permission to 777 for all .js files, cache and upload folders (and even subfolders). While searching for solution I found, that TimThumb, component of iSlidex requires a GD library, but both my local and remote servers provides it. I’ve been playing around for some hours, but still I cannot find solution. Here’s a phpinfo file from my server, maybe anyone can find something that I’ve missed with my limited PHP skills:

    Site is temporary available at

    Thanks in advance for any solution or help

    Tomasz ‘Arakin’ Czajka

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  • Please set iSlidex up on a page of your site and link the page here, otherwise I can’t check, as I don’t know polish and duno what Im looking at atm.
    However, it sounds like a server setup issue, and not related to iSlidex (as you said too), therefore there’s only so much we can help you with.
    In general, if the cache folder inside iSlidex has 777 and still doesnt get populated with images after you load the page with iSlidex on, it’s a server/webserver permission issue that you should talk about with your host.

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