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  • I’m trying to get friendly permalinks to work on my IIS windows hosted website.

    I have ISAPI rewriter installed and have placed the following in the httpd.ini in the /wwwroot/ directory.

    My blog is in

    I had my host restart ISS for the changes to take effect but nothing works…

    Here is the code I am using.


    # Rules to redirectd to
    RewriteCond Host: ^domain\.com
    RewriteRule (.*) http\://www\.domain\.com$1 [I,RP]

    # Rules to ensure that normal content gets through
    RewriteRule /news/software-files/(.*) /news/software-files/$1 [L]
    RewriteRule /news/images/(.*) /news/images/$1 [L]
    RewriteRule /news/favicon.ico /news/favicon.ico [L]

    # For file-based wordpress content (i.e. theme), admin, etc.
    RewriteRule /news/wp-(.*) /news/wp-$1 [L]
    RewriteRule /news/xmlrpc.php /news/xmlrpc.php [L]

    # For normal wordpress content, via index.php
    RewriteRule ^/news/$ /news/index.php [L]
    RewriteRule /news/(.*) /news/index.php/$1 [L]


    The permalink structure I am using is simply %%postname%%
    However all links to posts and categories 404.

    The domain does not also redirect from to as it should.

    Does anyone know:
    Is there something I am doing wrong or something that could be causeing the problem??

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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