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  • i am having a problem with my code:
    My conditional statement works for all cases except arts-entertainment page. When testing the code i determined that it is the is_page(‘arts-entertainment’) that is not working… When replacing the argument with any page name ie. ‘business’ the code works fine….consider me stumped!!?

    Below is my code, any help would be appreciated.


    if ( in_category(‘news’) || post_is_in_descendant_category( 13 ) ) {
    include ‘includes/nav-home.php’;
    elseif ( in_category(‘business’) || post_is_in_descendant_category( 14 ) || is_page(‘business’)) {
    include ‘includes/nav-bus.php’;
    elseif ( in_category(‘arts-entertainment’) || post_is_in_descendant_category( 17 ) || is_page(‘arts-entertainment’)) {
    include ‘includes/nav-ent.php’;
    elseif ( in_category(‘living’) || post_is_in_descendant_category( 19 ) || is_page(‘living’)) {
    include ‘includes/nav-liv.php’;
    elseif ( in_category(‘opinion’) || post_is_in_descendant_category( 18 ) || is_page(‘opinion’)) {
    include ‘includes/nav-opn.php’;
    elseif ( in_category(‘sports’) || post_is_in_descendant_category( 20 ) || is_page(‘sports’)) {
    include ‘includes/nav-spt.php’;
    else {
    include ‘includes/nav-home.php’;

    FYI: The idea is to use a different color for navigation for each page in the conditional statement.

    Any help would greatly appreciated!

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  • No replies yet huh?
    Well im not one to stop trying….oddly enough after further investigations i found that the following code produced the results i wanted, but im sure that this is a sloppy hack.

    Any one know why this works…from my limited understanding, it would seem to me that WP is not recognizing the || is_page (‘arts-entertainment’) to be false. as stated before changing the is_page() argument…results true. I tried using the page ID (577) as the argument for is_page(), but still returns false. After further testing, i deduced that “somehow?!?” WP thinks that the Arts & Entertainment page is a child of the ‘news’ category (13)…thus the following sloppy hack

    if ( in_category(‘news’) || post_is_in_descendant_category( 13 )) {
    if ( is_page(577)){
    include ‘includes/nav-ent.php’;
    include ‘includes/nav-home.php’;

    was used to replace the first condition in the code from the prev post.

    You know how coding is sometimes….”just make it work”, even when we know its just a quick fix, hard code hack…just looking for any clarity on this issue.

    …WP is not recognizing the || is_page (‘arts-entertainment’) to be false…

    This implies that one or both of your other conditionals is true, thereby making the whole elsif true. But… I don’t get it. Don’t you want that elseif to be true so that it includes nav-ent.php?

    @ apljdi;


    …WP is not recognizing the || is_page (‘arts-entertainment’) to be true

    Yes, you have the right idea, but the arts-entertainment condition returns true for all cases except for the || is_page (‘arts-entertainment’) – that’s where i test to see if the current page is the “Arts & Entertainment” page; in such a case include the nav-ent.php else continue

    try using wp_reset_query(); in front of the whole process.. TheLoop does strange things when called twice without being reset

    (Worked for me..)

    This very same problem have been driving me mad for days, thanks Llasse!

    try this

    if ($post->post_type==’page’)
    //Your code here below

    sorry there was a thing missing in my previous, this below should work

    if (($post->post_type==’page’) && ($post->post_title==’pageName’))
    //your code here

    Had a similar problem… none of my is_page() detection functions were working, until I added this to the top of my sidebar.php file.


    Thanks Llasse!

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