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    I want to dynamically change some of what shows in my sidebar whether I am on the homepage, one of my 3 main categories or all all other pages. I tried to use is_home() like the following but it doesn’t work.

    if (is_home()) { /* home */

    } elseif ( in_category(3) ) { /* a post from cat 3 */

    } elseif ( in_category(4) ) { /* a post from cat 4 */

    } elseif ( in_category(5) ) { /* a post from cat 5 */

    } else { /* generic pages like about us */


    I am not doing anything special in index.php other than to limit the number of post returned with query_posts(“showposts=1”); so I am not sure why it is not working.

    I tried used is_front_page() instead of is_home() but that didn’t help me at all either. I even tried to echo what is_home() and is_front_page() and I don’t even get false returned [no value is return].

    I know I could have a special siderbar for the home page with say get_sidebar(‘home’); but since only part of the sidebar is different that doesn’t seem like the right solution.



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  • So if you do this:

    echo 'this if value for is_home' . is_home();
    if (is_home()) { /* home */

    Does it print something?

    Im having the same problem, are you using 2.7?

    I had the same problem and I could not for the life of me figure out why it happened. Just prior to it happening I made an adjustment to the number of posts show on the front page. I noticed that the option for setting a static front page was missing. This led me to find a post that stated if you do not have any pages on your site the option in settings -> reading for setting a static front page will be hidden. The problem I think occurred (at least for me) when I made a change to the reading settings page while those options were hidden. They somehow messed up the systems check for front page. I created a page and then went back to settings->reading and selected posts and saved. Now is_front_page and is_home are working great again.

    i hope this helps you as well.

    Calling the below function before checking for is_home() may solve your problem. I had this issue and got solved in this way. This function resets the previous query.

    <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

    Sometimes even calling
    <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>
    may result in some side effects. Once it is called, further queries such as in_category() results failure due to reset. For more details refer

    To circumvent all these issues my universe solution is to introduce global php varaibles such as $my_home, #my_category to replace is_home(), in_category() respectively.

    In the index.php, single.php, archives.php I set these variables appropriately just before calling sidebar_x().

    In all sidebar widget just check for status of (either 1 or 0) $my_home, $my_category… in widget don’t forget to declare these variables as global.

    looks dirty work around, but it works like charm in any condition, any theme.. 🙂

    Yep, you’re not alone. Just spent an hour banging my head against the wall… I was sane enough to paste the code into a different template file to verify that it was supposed to work. wp_reset_query() worked for me.

    Perhaps if you try the approach suggested here.

    Instead of doing your IF/ELSE in the sidebar, do it in your template file and use alternate sidebars..

    You can see the function here..

    Of course there’s nothing to stop you writing your own get_sidebar_custom() function that takes additional parameters…

    @Swamtyk, thank you for this tip, it worked for me!

    I have content that I want to show/hide in the footer and sidebar based on what page I’m on. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow you to use is_home() multiple times…

    So I setup a few global variables in the top of the index.php file, which will act as messengers to show/hide elements in the sidebar.php and footer.php files.

    At the top of my index file I have:
    <?php global $footer_display; ?>

    If I had multiple variables to declare, I would separate the variables with commas:
    <?php global $footer_display, $sidebar_display; ?>

    Then, when I query if the page is_home, I set the value to 1:
    <?php if (is_home) { ?>
    //blah blah
    <?php $footer_content = 1 ?>

    This variable is tested in the footer for a 1 value, and displays content accordingly…. so in essence, I’m able to turn things off and on throughout the site using the if statements I run in the index.

    HOWEVER, you must re-instantiate the global variable (not the value, just the variable) at the top of each separate file! So I also put this at the top of my footer file:
    <?php global $footer_display; ?>

    See here:

    global $variables in header not passed to body

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