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  • In Picolight, the “Write a comment” link is directly below the title to each article, along with the date, categories, and tags, and above the actual article content. The most logical place for it is after the article, so people can comment on what they just read. In fact, I think Mr. Spock would agree that this location is highly illogical. Is there an option to move it to the end of the article, adjacent to the “Share” link? I’ve looked over the dashboard with a fine-tooth comb and can’t find anything.

    I searched the support forum to see if anyone else has addressed this issue but found nothing there either. Does anyone else think its current location lacks all sound reasoning, and was not very well thought out in the design phase? I mean, really, why would anyone want to comment on something they haven’t yet read? Furthermore, why would any UI designer but a feature/function like this located where no one would have a practical reason to use it?

    I’m fairly new to the WP world, but is there a process where one can suggest a change to a theme like this, in order to improve the user experience? Since it’s an open source community, are there developers in the community who could undertake such a modification and enhancement?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    The site is:

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