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  • From all the unanswered problems with V3 marketpress, it appears obvious that support for the marketpress plugin is not high on WPMUDEV priorities. Businesses destroyed on the update, parts of V3 still not working correctly. Admitted marketpress is a free plugin but support is still supposed to happen. Otherwise WPMUDEV should not offer any free plugins as a leader to try and get subscriptions.

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on development and support. I can tell you MarketPress is still being actively worked on. You are correct in assuming we do prioritize features and requests for all of our plugins based on the needs of our active members. We reply on daily and offer live chat to our premium users 24/7/365. MarketPress has been part of our product line for 8 years and was last updated this quarter. I am very sorry to hear it is not making things easier for you as this is the intent of every patch and bug fix. I am not sure this has a specific question I can answer but I hope this helps you understand our team a little better.

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    JDaily > If wpmudev is on this forum support every day then the amount of unresolved issues should be readily apparent. If you go back to when this v3 was released, see the issues with broke my site, destroyed my business, cart not working and look at some of the current unresolved issues. I can find requests about how to go back to the old premium version which worked and 29.5.3 which worked. I did a total backup of my install of 29.5.3 and downloaded the plugin files so I can go back or maintain as needed. I have also tested the latest v3 extensively and it still does not work as good as 29.5.3 because it was a total rewrite per one of the answers from wpmudev. This is something I don’t understand and it is not just wpmudev that takes a perfectly good working software and rewrites it screwing it up in the process. Rather seems to me that customers would rather have a working software than one that is buggy and being debugged just for the sake of something new.

    When an organization touts itself as wordpress experts I usually go to gtmetrix, tools.pingdom, insights page speed and and run the main page to see how expert they are. Wpmudev website needs a lot of work on each test site.

    I use 29.5.3 with clean retina theme which will not work with the new v3 because something that was in 29.5.3 got left out of V3 and Clean Retina will not recognize the marketpress products as special type posts and treats them as regular WP posts which means the grid settings in V3 will not work with this theme. This is the only theme of 6 that I tested v3 with that had a problem that was not a problem under 29.5.6

    That said here are my scores for
    GTMETRIX page speed 100 yslow 89
    Tools.pingdom san jose performance 96 faster than 97%
    Insights google mobile 98/100 desktop 98/100 all A except for CDN which I don’t use. first byte 0.498 speed index 1680.
    These are using marketpress 29.5.6 and clean retina theme The page tested is my main page showing nothing but product links and a slider.

    So that said, I know it is not easy to support free plugins so maybe wpmudev should have a serious discussion about why the organization is even offering free plugins. You are a paid membership organization and I personally would judge the organization by what I can see in the forum support on those free plugins. I am pretty sure I am not the only one that judges that way. Something to think about.

    Plugin Author jdailey


    I will pass your feedback along to our development team. Our products are active on millions of sites and have been effective for many people. That said, we want to give each user the best experience and I’m sorry that you are unhappy with the changes to MarketPress.

    The version of MarketPress you find most effective is still available and can be forked and updated to your liking. That is the beautiful part of GPL. Thank you again for the feedback.

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