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    Hi I see wpthree has not a default behavior, things that worked before will no longer work again. Perhaps this plug is not what I need and someone could suggest a more appropriate plug. I see wpthree is a one-to-many and many-to-many and I what I need is the reverse like a many-to-one more properly one-to-one broadcasting, like child-to-parent.

    My setup is:

    wordpress multisite with woocommerce, wpthree is network activated. in my case, I have 5 children (shops) and one parent (main inventory management without public access).
    I want those products inserted in the Children sites to be broadcasted to the main parent and not in between children.

    The curious is that this already worked right on the first attempt and never worked again.
    In the Child 1 I can see the parent and when I click the select checkbox and update the post (product) the checkbox doesn’t stay checked and nothing happens.

    The two child 1 products I was able to broadcast lost its configuration and I clicked restore child and never come back again. I will work with several thousand products distributed in 5 Children and probably I will need to buy your utilities pack to be able to select many products at once to be broadcasted.

    Actually, the plugin is not broadcasting anything to of from anywhere. 🙁


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    If you are referring to having to broadcast from blog 1 to sub blogs, you can easily broadcast in the other direction: sub blogs to blog 1. The parent / child relationship is per post, not per blog, so you can have both parent and child posts on the same blog if you wish.

    Regarding your question of it not broadcasting anything anymore, could you perhaps supply me with a debug dump of the product in question?
    Admin > Broadcast > Settings > Debug > Debug enable + debug to browser.

    Hi Edward, thanks for the super prompt answer, it was nice of you.

    This is a magnificent plugin if I can make it to work. My need is very simple. 5 children to 1 parent, that is it. BTW, I am not expecting to show the children products in the parent site. The parent site is just an inventory management where I load the children product data to an inventory management plugin.

    See… the debut config is right and is enabled in all the blogs: Admin > Broadcast > Settings > Debug > Debug enable + debug to the browser, however, I have no idea where to see the log in the browser. Another problem is that the *12345.debug.html gives me a 404 page.

    Perhaps I didnt explain well but what happens is that in the child one I can see parent but when I select the parent in the broadcast sidebox + Update product my selection will not stay and the checkbox will return unchecked again and again as soon as the update (save) reloads the product, the same applies for new or previously inserted products. The same happens for all the child blogs.

    Important to mention my attempts in the broadcast sidebox to succeed:

    1. config one = Link this post to its children ON + parent choice checked ON
    2. config two = Link this post to its children Off + parent choice checked ON

    In both case the result after updating (saving) and reloading the product is:

    Link this post to its children ON and parent choice return off.

    Any all, it is not working the way I expect.
    If you have a private email I can send you screenshots or server access.

    It is important to mention that I had this positive result in one blog for two products in the past and it is no longer working.

    Sorry, no debug log.


    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    Go ahead and send me those screenshots at

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    The non-broadcasting was caused by the “rental&booking_for_woocommerce plugin”.

    So, non-broadcasting was not Broadcast’s fault, of course. 🙂 Resolved.

    Super Edward can resolve evetything, buy his plugins save. 🙂
    My problem is resolved, the problem wasnèt caused by the wpthree.

    Thanks Edward.

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