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  • I’m a designer (not a programmer) working on a site for a volunteer group I’m involved in. There are a couple of CMS features we’d like to have and I’m wondering how well WP will work for us.

    Here’s some of the things we’re trying to do:
    1. We’ll have 3 blogs, one for news, one for a leadership message and one for general group stuff. I’d like the news blog to also display the 3 most recent post headlines (with links) on the home page.

    2. We want a calendar function, but we also want to have the next three upcoming dates displayed on the home page in list form. The standard graphic view of a calendar really isn’t what we want for the home page.

    3. We’ll need to have admin access for multiple people.

    Is WP going to be the best bet for this?


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    The 3 blogs, are they in effect 3 separate categories? i.e. news, leadership & general group or do you actually mean 3 separate blogs with each blog having multiple categories with in it? If its the first – yep WP is your tool. If its the latter look at WP MU

    One way of doing this would be to have a category for calender. You post events to this category as posts, on the front page you then have a mini loop which retrieves the last three posts from this category. They would appear as links, and when clicked would take you to that post. Done something similar for news/blog posts my self recently

    Easy as pie –

    The 3 blogs, are they in effect 3 separate categories?

    Basically the news blog would have it’s own page, the leadership a different page and the general group again on it’s own page.

    Can you make different categories appear on different pages?

    Yes you can make 3 separate categories appear on different pages… V.easy

    And also on the same page.

    Look at the link you’ll see they i have two different categories loading on the same page in different divs. Done via the follow command

    <?php $posts = get_posts( "category=3&numberposts=5" ); ?>

    category=3 being a specific category (can be found in your wp-admin)

    numberposts=5 being the number of posts shown on my page from that section.

    Suggest you setup WP locally, have a play. Will make more sense what i’m saying.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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