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  • Hi all,

    I’m trying to find out if WP is the right choice for us. We have a site about music. Most sections are pretty straightforward (the basic things Jooma and Drupal and WP all do), but the review section is a different beast.

    We would like to build a database of artists, albums, releases (since there can be reissues or versions of the same album), and reviews, which are written by one of the team members (users), but not published. When 5 or more reviews have been finished, the review editor combines them into a single page and published that page.

    I am a PHP programmer and can do that, but we want a CMS to take care of as much as possible. When I leave, it must be easy to explain someone how it works.

    So far, in Joomla this would be all programming.

    In Drupal, we can make custom fields more easily than in Joomla, so Artist records, Album records, etc. are much easier. (Though I couldn’t find how to select an existing Artist when creating a new Album.) But I found the Drupal object model harder to understand, so it will take more time.

    Can this this be done in WP?


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  • Hi Jerry,
    Creating custom fields and adding them to a php-page or template is straightforward in WP.
    Any user in the role of editor [including guests that you allow to be editor] can add posts that contain these field and add ‘values’ to these fields.
    If this is what you’re looking for, WP will do a fine job.
    W.P. Ginfo

    Hi GP, thanks for the info. Sounds good, especially the ‘straightforward’ bit. 😉 I assumed the part about user roles like editors – it’s the same as in Joomla and Drupal and other CMSs.

    Extra, customized user roles can be defined in WP?

    So we’re going to have an Artist article that has fields like ‘name’, ‘sortname’, ‘country’ and ‘info’. An Album article will have fields like ‘artist’ (or preferrably ‘artist_id’), ‘title’, and ‘sortdate’. The artist should be selected from the existing artists.

    When there’s a database of artists and albums, we’d like to have a page that is going to list them, so we have artists’ discographies.

    This is all possible in WP?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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