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  • Hey everyone,

    I have been working on my CityGuide website (for example about Chicago) for about 1.5 years now. The website is still offline and it is made in basic HTML/CSS without any CMS. The project was growing and growing and eventually I ended up with 135 pages. Then I started thinking about a CMS because if I want to change something now in, for example, the footer, I have to change all the 135 pages. The design I now use is a very simple and basic one, if I am going to take the step to use a CMS I also want to improve the design. Below are more details. The core of my question is: is WordPress the right CMS for the job?

    Design: and (The designs are bits and pieces gathered from other designs from Joomla, WordPress and more)

    – Social media buttons below every page
    – Facebook like box and twitter feed in the right sidebar
    – SEO friendly URLS
    – Possibility to add Adsense adds throughout the content
    – On the homepage a photo-slider with info-boxes below it
    – Breadcrumb lists on each page
    – The whole website must be static, I do not want to see ‘posts’, ‘recently posted’ or ‘author’
    – Facebook comment area under certain pages
    – The possibility to change the menu/footer/header without having to change ALL pages of my website

    3 different pages:
    – Homepage: the photo slider a couple info-boxes below it
    – Infobox page: this is where you go when you click on an item from the main navigation menu on the left. An example could be “Museums –> Guggenheim”
    – Content page: the page with the actual content

    More info:
    I am still not sure whether I should use WordPress or Drupal. This is the basic idea for the website:

    I am planning to launch this 135-pages website, which is a tourist website (cityguide). The menu on the left sidebar is going to be main navigation menu. This menu is divided into 5 different sections: Welcome, Staying, Food and Drinks, Active and Accessibility. Examples of items in “Active” are: What to see, Museums, Shopping, Hiking. When the visitor clicks on ‘Museums’ I want the website to take them to the ‘infoboxes’ page with all the different museums on it, from there they continue to the museum they want more information about.

    There will be an additional navigation menu on the top (not a dropdown menu), items that are displayed here are for example Home, News, About us and Contact.

    One extra question:
    I have looked at the prices for PSD to WordPress but I have also checked out the prices for a custom theme. What would be the best thing to do? And how do I get in touch with the right people?

    Thank you for reading through my post!

    Yours sincerely,

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