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    Hi – Just recently my hosting provider bandwidth limit was exceeded for the first time. I set to looking for the reason why – after disregarding the latest video embeds – and that there must be thousands of new ardent followers in a space of a month, who just cannot get off my site once they have discovered it. I started to analyse my Bad-Behavior logs to see if they could provide clues. Lo, yes – I would be snowed completely under if Bad-Behavior was not installed. I figured with the volume of attempted comment spammers – harvesters, and worse trawling around I needed to take the Honey Net http:BL a step further. Always a lover of fastest solutions I installed WP-Ban. This would be in order to systematically ban IP’s and lower the fake bandwidth use. It has installed fine, and I have added several IP’s. Unfortunately after a 24 hour period – there are no records of succesfull Ban’s – has anybody tried this combination succesfully? Am I missing something really simple in the WP-Ban set up? Or has anybody got any more complex solution ideas to throw in for good measure?

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  • Solved – Considering an .htaccess solution (under the circumstances it seemed necessary to forego plug-in experimentation for the benfit of future wordpress site builders and opt for the more direct but less interactive approach) I contacted my Server Provider who kindly pointed out that there is an Elefante Tool available with my package (Freehostia) to ban IP’s – and also one for preventing bandwidth draining use of images on hosted domains – perfect

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