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  • I am creating a website for a law journal. They want people to be able to comments on articles. I figured WordPress would be a good solution, each article could be posted as a blog entry. But I need to be able to group articles by the edition of the print journal they appear in. A “Current Articles” navigation tab will take people to a list of articles from the most recent edition. A “Back Issues” tab takes people to a list, by edition number, of past articles.

    If anyone can give me a sense of how much customization would be involved with WordPress it would be much appreciated. Perhaps something like Mambo is a better solution.

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  • I reckon WP would be ideal and with little customisation. One way might be to set up a new category for each edition. You could, if ya liked, then have sub-categories or ‘sections’ in each. Then you could customise the ‘loop’ so that only the ‘current’ edition/category is shown. Then have a link/tab to list all categories/editions. You could even have a sidebar section showing a random archived article from any or all editions – the possibilities with WP are pretty much limitless – there are heaps of different ways to use it as is – then there are heaps of plug-ins that take it even further.

    I would just use the stock installation, and make each issue a category. The list of issues will show up in your sidebar, and can be order using the Category Order plugin. Using the widgets plugin, you could customize the sidebar somewhat, and create a special link for the current issue if you like. You could have the current issue name be ‘Current Issue’, and when it’s time to change, change the name of the current issue category to the dated and volume numbered name, then create a new current issue category.

    I don’t think you really need any customization. Anything special you might want would be standard template design stuff.

    Sounds great. I will give it a go. Thanks for the quick feedback.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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