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  • I have been give a task to start building a webisite with following basic capabilities:
    – Hierarchical content structure

    – with top level being a site (location)
    – Each site having multiple sub locations
    – Each sub location having multiple service cards (custom content type having a special set of fields which hopefully could be easily chosen from set of field options)
    – different field options to be added by admin/superuser.
    Multiple level of user access rights:

    – admin having ability to anything e.g. change the webpage structure/themes/etc…
    – superuser having ability to add new users and access to all nformation
    – A site manager having ability to add sub locations and all the service cards within the site (no acces to other site information)
    – A operator who has only access to information of a sublocation and ability to add new service cards
    – Later possibility to add more levels to hierarchy

    – Each person who logs in has different “front page” e.g. basic user only sees very simple page where he can add a new service card
    – All other aspects of look&feel I bet are achievable with any CMS system

    Now I’m wondering would WordPress or some other CMS (Drupal/Joomla/other) be best tool for the job. Drupal at least is able to achieve all this, but would it be too complex tool for the job. WordPress seems to be quite simple, but I’m not sure if it can really achieve everything?

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