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  • Hey everyone, I am new to WordPress and just wondering if it is suitable for this project:

    Needs: Member login area

    – 140 members
    – require unique usernames and passwords for each
    – administrator privileges to set accessibility levels for each member
    – ability to brand (at least with corporate colour) the login and interior (top banner etc. basic stuff)
    – ability to post Word, PDF, Excel etc
    – ability to make/leave comments

    Would WordPress be suitable for this or would another CMS like Drupal be better? Thanks for any input.

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  • I think your better off building your own custom solution! By the time you have hacked WordPress to do what you want you could have your own system in place.

    You can easily do what you are looking for in WordPress through using a few free plugins.

    comments is inherently built in to WordPress. You just have to use posts in a creative way to create the base on which people will leave comments.

    not sure what you mean by this “ability to post Word, PDF, Excel”

    If you are working in a group you might consider Google Apps as repository for that part of the project. You can pass document links within WP, have the docs open in Apps.

    I’m no WP expert, but I think WP will do most of what you want out of the box (with the right theme).

    • Member login area – use AJAX login widget, clear ‘Anyone can register’ in Settings
    • 140 members – No problem. Some sites have thousands of registered users
    • administrator privileges – built in admin function
    • brand login and interior – not quite sure of the reauirement, but many themes allow customization of the header
    • post Word, PDF, Excel – don’t know how WP would do this
    • make/leave comments – built in

    Check, my club site. I do not allow anyone to register and the Members->Membership List is restricted to registered members.

    thanks a lot for the input. Very Helpful.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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