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  1. mischief
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello. I'm trying to start a community based site which incorporates content pages, user driven blogs, forums, user based upload gallery, and an e-commerce site. This is my first attempt at building a website and I came across phpBB for the forums, Coppermine for the gallery, and I'm using a separate shopping cart software for the e-commerce site. I then wanted to add a blogging feature to it and started looking around again. I then heard that using a CMS like drupal or Joomla would be easier than mashing up different programs together. I was told that drupal with a few different modules will have my site looking close to my current layout, but easier to manage. Then a few people suggested I look at WordPress as a CMS, which has brought me here. I was just wondering if someone knowledgeable could point me in the right direction. I always thought WordPress was a blog engine. Would WordPress be right for a site like mine? My current site is at http://www.victorysquared.com. What's on there now is just a mishmash of ideas and doesn't reflect what the site will be. Being that it's my first time building a website, I had no clue on what I was capable of. I started with the forums, then decided to add a gallery, and then a store. I think ultimately, I wanted make a community which has people living in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, and let users be able to participate in a forum, post up pictures in a gallery, and even able to write blogs. For example, I know people in America that are interested in Japanese fashion, but have no clue where to buy it, and what the current trend is. Honestly, I started it off as wanting to sell trendy Japanese fashions with America as the target market, but I decided to broaden the topic. I was thinking instead of just putting up a storefront, I wanted to bring together a community so people can have a more active role in this.
    Can anyone offer me any advice, and if WordPress could help me, can you point me to different add-ons that would have my site similar to my site now? And if anyone knows of any sites thats running WordPress that has features similar to mine (blog, forums, gallery, store), it would help me greatly!

  2. MichaelH
    Posted 7 years ago #

    WordPress likely could do the job you request. I would start off installing WordPress on your local machine and trying out the many capabilities.

    You will want to review some plugins that will add the functionality you require:

    Here's another generic list of threads with your question:

    Also review WordPress Semantics to get a feel for the info that is in Codex that can help you.

    Good Luck.

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