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    I was recommended to check out WP by an old teacher of mine. I’m just not sure if this is what works best. I am a novice website designer, working for and with my partners in creating a website for our media company.

    We are setting up a website for ourselves, and I am looking for a way in keeping the website easily manageable, since I am the only one with even a remote training in web design. I don’t imagine that CNN or _Insert Website Here_ rewrites their .html files each time they add a new update to the front page, or change their site hierarchy when they add new posts/news updates.

    What I am looking for is a method of easily and consistently updating and posting to an html website. Is WordPress able to be set up so that it fits on a website we’ve already begun creating? If so, can someone point me to some documentation to where this is explained? If not, does anyone know where we can find what we are looking for?

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    WordPress uses .php – not .html. so although you can pull content from WordPress into an existing site’s page, it has to be a .php page. See Integrating_Wordpress_with_Your_Website. Alternatively, why not just run the entire site using WordPress?

    Hmmm….we’ll look into that!

    I’ll start creating some sketchups of a .php version and see if we can’t integrate a test blog, as well as creating a wordpress-generated website and see which comes out cleaner.

    Thanks esmi! 🙂

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