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  • I own a review website which has close to 275,000 pages, and a bunch of user ratings/reviews. It was built using the Smarty template engine in 2006. Well now it has gotten to the point where we really need a re-design, and I was looking to move to a more secure, more functional CMS such as WordPress or Drupal at the same time.

    My concern is that I’ve had people tell me Drupal is better suited for something like that, or that WordPress wouldn’t be able to handle all of that. I really want to know if there’s any truth to that, as I’d much rather use WordPress (more plugins, templates, and community support).

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  • WordPress can handle it if the server is set up the right way. There’s a lot of sites running WP with more content then that.

    Having said that, it can take alot of server tweaks to get it working well, especially if there’s a lot of traffic to the site. This would happen no matter what back-end system you went with, so it’s not as much of a big deal as it sounds.

    IMO, Drupal and WP both offer close enough level of functionality but WP is generally regarded as a much more user-friendly CMS. Either should be able to handle your requirements.

    Your question is really more related to your host/server. You may want to contact your host provider to compare current costs and scalability upgrades.

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