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  • I am designing a site for people to search for excercise parks. It needs a form for me and registered users to fill in to add new parks, and make comments on parks listed. It also needs a search form ( search for parks by suburb, with xx km of suburb, with this attributed ticked, etc etc ).

    Is WP the right match for this? Any example sites or suggested plugins?

    I like WP am keen to use it if its a good match. (probably i will build the basics of the site, and then engage someone for trickier sections though…)

    Is WP the right choice for this?

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  • I should elaborate – the read only display and search feature is just as important as the data entry. I suspect the answer lies in using something like CForms for the form layout and control, and another plugin for the search interface.

    What I am after would most likely use the Search API ( or something similar ) and a custom form plugin.

    I am sure I am not the first to try such a thing – very happy and appreciative for some guidance!

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