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  • I haven’t been having a very smooth WordPress lately – meaning, I’m having a hard time updating my blog because the WP Console isn’t responding, but instead giving me a white screen. The blog itself updates with the new entry it seems, but my console just freezes. When it FINALLY loads after forever, when I hit update again, I end up having multiple entries on the same topic. The heck!?

    It’s not my hosting because I’ve checked with them and they said it’s fully functional. So it must be WP.

    Has anyone been having problems (lagging, slowness, loss of connection, page not loading, page freezing, etc) lately and how can I fix this?


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  • Who is your host?

    godaddy 😐

    And godaddy must be telling the truth. 🙂

    Anything in your error logs?

    What version of wp are you running?

    Godaddy data base servers can be very slow. And I mean very slow. You are on a shared database server, and if someone elses is hogging bandwidth, you are out of luck

    As far as multiple entries, that would not be a godaddy issue, but maybe a javascript from an ad or counter if you have one. I am far from an expert on wp blog.

    how do i know which WP version i’m using? in the dashboard page towards the bottom? it says “2.0.4 — 0.13 seconds” 😛

    Anything in your error logs?

    What plugins are you running?

    2.0.4 is your version.

    i am really bad at this, but i dunno where the error logs are.

    “Godaddy data base servers can be very slow”

    Try deactivating all of your plugins and trying it again. If all checks out OK then turn them on one at a time and recheck until the bad one shows up. Is there a reason for not updating to 2.1.2? I thought 2.0.4 had security issues?

    I’m having an issue, too. When I try to click on the text window to post something, it will no longer allow me to get into that window. It was working fine for most of last night, and I changed nothing.

    I had this issue all last week. I contacted my host / liquid web and it turned out to be a problem on their end. I’m on a vps and one of my vps mates was being a hog. I was told that the tek guy recompiled my apache server and lo and behold it was fixed. I have no idea what it means but when i saw your post and thought of how frustrating that week was, being unable to access the admin page of any of my blogs, i just thought i woould share my solution with you. best of luck.

    i used to have the same problem with it running slow due to the database on godaddy. but i have had some luck with the following. previously my database was created some time ago and was an older version. I simply created a new database which created it as a version 5 mysqul database rather than version 4. I also edited my wp-config file so that my site was cached. I tried using the wp-cache plugin to do this, but it doesn’t work well with godaddy servers at all, you randomly get an error page. It seems to be working great. the only problems i have been having are bugs with the new version of wordpress, such as backslashed before apostrophes again and error messages about my database missing.

    Omigawd, I just read your responses.

    Boxer47: I think you and I are having the same issues.

    Kahil: Um, I don’t wanna mess up my databases by messing with it.

    Fredrix: I think I’ll give GoDaddy one more call and ask them about WP since I installed WP straight from their server to begin with.

    So I’m not the only one. I am not a technical person so I’m more lost now after having read your comments. Should I just upgrade the WP version – but I hear people here saying it has bugs. Creating a new database!? YIKEZ!

    It IS very frustrating – I’m just sitting there staring at the screen and seeing NOTHING come up after posting a new entry.


    you wouldn’t be messing your database up at all. all i did was create a new database and then import the wordpress info.

    easy peasy lemon squeezy

    Soo… I can:

    1) Create a new SQL Database
    2) Choose Version 5

    and….. what else do I need to do?? Edit the “wp-config” file .. how? Is that a must-do?

    import WP… how?

    Thanks for the help!

    could you IM me please? AIM: niqueyatworkdude


    OK I just created a new (second) SQL database in the GoDaddy Control Panel with a different user name and password; and also version 5.0.

    What do I need to do next? How do I import WordPress? you wouldn’t be messing your database up at all. all i did was create a new database and then import the wordpress info.

    “easy peasy lemon squeezy” – I wish! 😛

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