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  • … or does it just rely on the LAMP developer preferences?

    Hi Everyone,

    I would really appreciate if I could get an objective feedback on this issue: some colleagues seems to be sceptical about WordPress and are starting to consider movie to Drupal instead.

    My question to you is why would I move an existing site from WordPress to Drupal? I don’t have the technical expertise to determine which one is better than the other and under what circumstances…

    Thanks in advance for your answers.


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  • why would u ask if you should move from wp to drupal on a wp site LOL

    drupal doesnt work for me on a number of levels.

    wp doesnt do it for me either, but some flavours of wp are nice

    try MU

    tried with drupal for a while but just didnt click with it – same with joomla, didnt take long to understand the WP templates/plug ins etc so prefer WP. Forum is also great place for quick advice.

    I think WordPress is a no-brainer. Almost any Google search you do turns up a WP blog or something WP related which just shows how much support is available.

    WordPress is extremely flexible, something that’s very hard to find in other solutions.

    There’s a plugin for just about everything.

    You really just need to be familiar with some of the major documentation and you can make WordPress do almost anything.

    I run news sites, directories, company sites, blogs, media-intensive sites, etc all on WordPress and love it.

    I agree with all posts Drupal VS WordPress? Hmmmm I have used both extensively….where am i? you guessed it…..
    Wordpress hands down!



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    Alexandre, what they all said. It all depends on what your role is in the decision-making of said website, what kind your website is, what functions your website needs to have, etc etc etc.

    Drupal is a great CMS engine. However, it is difficult for others to handle and maintain. You or your company would get tied down to a contract to maintain the site in Drupal, unlike WordPress and even WordPressMU where my clients have found it easy to take over updating or adding content/sections/etc.

    If you/your company’s hired guns are Drupal experts and know nothing about WordPress, then it would make sense to use Drupal.
    edit – on the other hand, if your site is working well in WordPress, why would they even want to fix something that going well? What’s the real problem there?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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