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  • Hi Everyone,

    Currently I’m searching for the holy grail – a website platform that combines eCommerce functionality, social (Facebook/Twitter) functionality, a variety of nifty plugins, allows you to use other themes (themeforest), and has an easy to use interface that clients can use.

    I was thinking of using wordpress as a base, then adding the following plugins:

    -Woocommerce: online store and opt-in form for a newsletter
    -Simple Facebook Connect: for interaction with Facebook
    -Contact Form 7: contact forms
    -Any decent theme from Themeforest

    My main worry in all this is that the online store will become vulnerable because of the other plugins or themes.

    I think that this is an issue that interests many people, although I’ve had trouble finding a forum post that answers the following questions:

    1. Is WooCommerce secure (as of April 2012)
    2. Does WooCommerce STAY secure once you add other plugins
    3. Does WooCommerce STAY secure if you use another theme for most of your website, and is that a workable model?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!

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  • WooCommerce has been audited by WP core contributors to double check that the code is secure. Really though, how secure it stays depends on your server environment, your behaviour (i.e. using weak passwords), and what you, as the website owner, install on top. If you add an insecure plugin its out of the plugins hands!

    If your worried about payment security there are plenty of payment gateways which don’t require an SSL certificate and handle payment offsite. PayPal standard and DPM to name a few.


    Thanks mikejolley. I really appreciate the advice.



    Hi Guys,

    We just wrote an article about whether WooCommerce is secure – take a look here.

    Raison Online

    Ditto – I’d add that if you pair it with WP Better Security or WordFence – I’d say you’re good to go.

    The premium version of WordFence will also screen your Themes and Plugins for any vulnerabilities.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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