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    I looked around a bit and didn’t see any mention of Windows Phones, so I downloaded, installed, did a little editing, but it doesn’t seem to support Windows Phones? True? False? If it’s true, what additional steps do I need to make the requisite adjustments?

    Also, is there an easy way to “redirect” smart phone users to a subdomain? I’m hoping to setup a mobile friendly version of the site under a subdomain —

    Thanks in advance for any help! Andrew ‘L’

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    I tried the plugin on my personal site. Pulls up great on Nokia Lumia 710 🙂

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    You can add the user agent for your device to the Custom User-Agents area of your WPtouch admin panel. Depending on the actual device, the browser’s user agent might include IEMobile/9.0 instead of IEMobile/10. You can navigate to on the device to determine its user agent string. Then add the relevant portion of that string (see above) to WPtouch.

    I added the user agent and it worked; however, I chose to view full site and now I can’t switch back. I’m using a Windows 7 phone. My site works fine before and after adding the user agent but not one of my client’s site. Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    Hi RitaJoC,

    On your testing device, please scroll down and you should see a link to switch back to the mobile theme. If you do not see it, please check the footer.php file of your desktop theme to make sure the wp_footer() call is present.

    ALso, does the switch link appear on other mobile devices when switching to your desktop them?

    You’re welcome.

    The wp_footer() call is present in my client’s theme, as well as mine. The switch link appears for my theme (dkret3), but not my client’s (customized theme). I’m viewing both themes on my mobile (Windows 7) and do not have other mobile devices to test the appearance. I really don’t want my client to switch the link on her mobile in order to test it until I get this fixed. Thanks.

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    It sounds as if the issue is no longer about the user-agent as your mobile theme is displaying on your Windows phone. Do you have any caching plugins active? Often when the mobile theme appears to fail to load, what’s happening is a caching plugin is overwriting the mobile theme.

    You may configure your caching plugin not to cache mobile pages nor to serve cached pages when mobile devices are detected. To do so, enter the user agents found under Advanced Options > Custom User-Agents to the “rejected user agents” areas in your caching plugin’s settings. Remember to clear your plugin, browser, and device caches before retesting.

    I cleared the cache on my mobile browser, and now I can see the link to switch from mobile view to regular view. Thank you very much for your assistance.

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    Great. You are welcome.

    This is my issue as well using WP super cache just one question is all I need answered that would fit in with this thread just fine.

    Upon adding the custom user agents to no cache using (WP Super Cache) this requires the Check of cache plugins mobile support to be Unchecked as well correct?

    I have been trying to isolate the issue this seems the only thing I need after reading this post and is also relevant.


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