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  • Hello Everyone,

    I searched the internet for an answer to this question but I am still stumped. I am using a security plugin that allows me to whitelist my ip, both home and for my website. I started to enter my ip’s but then I realized something..Can’t a hacker easily look up my ip and gain access to my site? It was so easy to look up my own ip address by typing in my url.

    Someone from the Ukraine is trying to hack my website. They do this every 4 days and this is why I installed the Best Security plugin. I really need to make sure this jerk doesn’t hack my site. Can someone please tell me if I whitelist my account will this hurt or help me?


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  • The hacker could find the IP of your website easily. That IP has to be public for DNS to work.

    It would be much more difficult for the hacker to get your IP, but it isn’t impossible. Unless you have a static IP, your IP address will change once in awhile, so white-listing it may not be the best idea and you may even lock yourself out.

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