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  • There is something definitely wrong with W3 Total Cache on WP 4.4. It stopped purging some cache like the CSS and in some instances has completely broken some sites. I’ve had to disable it from every site I maintain.

    The dev hasn’t had any activity for 4 months now and with the latests WP version you’d think he’d already launch a new compatible version.

    It’ll be a real shame if it is. I so much prefer this over any other caching plugin. At this point I’d just like to see a message from the dev saying he working on it.

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  • I’ve just spent hours with this today, my cache stopped emptying this morning and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure what’s going on. I finally came here to see if anyone else was having the same problem. Misery loves company, so I’m happy not to be the only one. 🙂 Hopefully a resolution is forthcoming.



    I just visited the support section because I thought the same.

    Although I seems to work fine on my sites I think about switching as this seems to be abandoned.

    Any replacement suggestions for caching + minifying in one plugin?



    Don’t think something is as good as W3 Total Cache.

    If you have problems with CSS/JS/HTML minification, try Autoptimize. It’s better than W3 Total Cache in many ways. But doesn’t do page caching. So you could use W3TC for page caching and setting site wide headers and Autoptimize for minification/optimization and advanced optimizations such as inline and defer CSS.

    Well I just experienced the same as some 1 stated above:
    I couldn’t purge my page (or db? don’t know the root cause) caches with w3 total cache. I tried single purge and clear all caches of course.
    Minify wasn’t turned on on this site.

    So I’m now looking for something to replace w3 total cache completely.




    I think DB caching is not needed at all. Same with Object Cache. Try disabling them.



    Or else you could use WP Super Cache + Autoptimize.

    Db caching shaves off a couple of ms on most of my sites.

    Object Caching slows down most of my sites however.

    Guess I will follow your advice (WP SC & AO) when I have a bit more time.

    Thanks 🙂

    This is getting worrying. On my sites W3TC still works fine, as usual, and it’s with WP 4.4 already. But this is already 5 months since last update. Only matter of time before this is obsolete if no update coming. Its previous author activity was 10 months ago, and latest blog activity on Frederick’s site was about 5 months ago. Now I’m wondering if he’s okay…

    Well, the w3edge and Frederick Townes’s twitter account is active, so he’s OK. I tweeted the w3edge earlier today about the W3 Total Cache and still haven’t received a reply.

    I really just think he abandoned it. This could be the end of W3 Total cache.

    Checking his tweeter, now I also think he abandoned this W3TC. The guy’s too busy with more profitable things rather than doing free plugin like this.



    It will be sad if our speculations are true. W3 Total Cache is the absolute best plugin.

    There’s one hope: When WordPress updated to 4.3.1, the author updated the readme. Which means he is still interested- else he wouldn’t have bothered.

    An updated readme doesn’t mean he invests time. He still got an opt in connected to this plugin so he may invest this 1 second to grow his lists a little further.

    Doesn’t mean he is really investing into w3 anymore. Sadly.

    I’m fine if he’s no longer developing this plugin anymore,no new feature etc, but at least he still update this plugin to always compatible with the latest WP and maybe fix security issue if any. He has more than 1 million fans in here.

    Really hope he continues the good work with over 1million users. if not, I hope he gives / sell the code to someone else who can continue the development 🙂

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