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  • I’m hesitant to upgrade to WP2 because of error posts I’ve read on the support forum, and uncertain if the advantages of WP2 outweigh any imagined risks. Should I attempt it?


    Background: I keep backups of my database but have never reinstalled it. I have worked with WordPress for 1 year and know my way around the files in the FTP, but I am novice at the theme and MySQL.

    My site only uses a modified Kubrick theme (should be simple right, it’s the default – but I have read about errors), with about 15 plugins, and I’m afraid it will break in the upgrade and how will I pinpoint what’s to blame? Yes, I can check the list for compatible plugins, and can delete any plugins that won’t work in the upgrade. But what about the theme? Should I expect to start-over on my theme?

    Also, I am satisfied with WP 1.5.x, except that I want to use Gallery 2.1.x and WP-G2, and they recommend strongly WP 2.x. Is it worth upgrading for this situation?

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  • I think it’s completely worth upgrading… if only to solve the security issues.

    Upgrading is very easy. Podz has a great guide to do so.

    Check your plugins against the list here:

    1.5.x to 2.0.x is quite simple and straight-forward. However, out of three installations that I upgraded, two of them ended up with a broken RSS2 feed, and I had to wipe out the php files and re-upload (didn’t have to touch the database, of course). Absolutely no idea why. In retrospect, I think I most probably didn’t have proper permissions on my files when I uploaded the 2.0.x files for the first time.

    I’ve upgraded like that several times, never a hiccup. Check your plugins first though, in case one you really need isn’t 2.x friendly. And even then, I’ve gambled a lot on my plugins, and many were fine despite not finding clarification ahead of time, but then, I upgraded the same day 2.0 came out.

    LOL. Thanks for the encouragement y’all. It was not as bad as I have feared for months.

    I tried upgrading first on a lesser-used installation, it went alright & took me 1 hour. Then I buckled down for 12 hours and upgraded my big blogs. Everything seems to be going alright.

    I ditched a couple troublesome plugins (Enhanced Post List), but nothing much was lost.

    I decided to use the Spotmilk Admin theme from the start, it seems more space efficient and readable.

    Can’t wait to try some of these newer/updated plugins that are only for WP2…. like the new Gallery2 and WP-G2, and this widgit thing-a-ma-bopper.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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