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  • Hi,

    after reading about the plethora of bugs and problems with this recent update, I wonder whether it is advisable to update, and if yes, under which conditions and regarding which constellations?

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  • Yes, it’s advisable, because it fixes at least one security hole.

    There are bugs, but their severity is relatively minor, and this plugin seems to fix them:

    I updated a dev blog i run in the back of a working site – and i haven’t experienced any of the mentioned problems !

    I am doing my own testing but it all seems fine !

    Maybe set it up and test it for yourself before running it on a production site !

    Same as here, but in addition, it runs faster !!

    Hi again,

    well, is that security hole critical? Rsp. does it exist on all systems and configurations, or not?

    Also, is this update going to be worked over in the near future, as I don’t like to be dependant on non-original “bugfixes of bugfixes”.

    I’ve updated two blogs, one that is somewhat busy. I have not run the bug fix plugin. I’m not getting the slashes that some describe. I do get that edit comment confirmation thing, but I can live with that.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    lhk – I think it’s fair to say it doesn’t matter so long as you don’t get hit – at which point you’ll wish you had. That’s why we will always say Upgrade. We cannot say otherwise without accepting responsibility for your data.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I will not be updating to 2.03 anytime soon. The security hole that it fixes is a big one, but it only impacts you if you allow other users to register on your blog. I don’t. And 2.03 seems buggy as hell from all the reports I’m reading on here.

    But you do as you see fit. You gotta make your own decisions. 🙂

    Hi Otto,

    is that certain? Because then I’ll also be waiting for an officially “bugfixed bugfix”. None of the blogs I admin are allowing users registration at all. And yes, the kind of stuff posted here lately in relation to that update isn’t really heartening.

    Other people say they’ve had no bugs at all. There are teething troubles with any release, 2.0.2 probably caused problems for some people!

    And there is that plugin available for you if things don’t go well.

    One that I updated allows public registrations, so I felt it necessary. As I’ve stated though, I’ve had no problems.

    Hi Maerk

    As I said, if a bug fix of a bug fix, then please from the original wordpress authors and not some third party. I hate this type of stuff. It’s usually real trouble.

    As I said, if a bug fix of a bug fix, then please from the original wordpress authors and not some third party. I hate this type of stuff. It’s usually real trouble.

    The plugin is from an active WordPress developer. It’s also very straightforward. I don’t think it will be any trouble.

    Filsolo is on the money – it works fine and fixes the glitches and it is from an active contributing developer.

    At the end of the day, it’s up to you 😉 I personally plan to upgrade, after I get a plugin I’m working on up to scratch, but you can wait until the next stable release comes up if you’re not sure.

    If you have a spare database on your host, you could always try copying your exisiting one over, and installing a test version or something.

    But it’s up to you, you’re the only one who can decide.

    I just discovered something that requires me to use that patch. I use Category Access on one test site, and I went to change the categories accessible to a user. When I made the change, and hit update, I got the NO/YES request. I said Yes, but it didn’t make the change. I’m assuming after the patch plugin that it will work correctly. If not, I’ll report it here.

    strike that. I applied the tuneup, and the problem persisted. That problem is that category access won’t disable a category that you’ve made available by default to new subscribers. No override allowed, which is a drag, but no one’s fault.

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