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  • Does register_globals functionality have to be turned on for WP to work? My webhost says it does but I doubt WP would write a script and be this popular with such a security hole.

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  • I’m a WP noob, but the following post that says that register_globals should be OFF for WordPress, not on.

    UPDATE: I’ve read several other old posts on the subject, and apparently there was a WP security exploit in August, 2005, that could only do damage if register_globals was set to ON. Almost immediately, a new version of WP was released to fix the problem, and ever since then, it has been recommended that register_globals be set to OFF, not just for WP, but because register_globals causes security issues for a lot of scripts if it is set to on.

    WP experts, did I summarize all of that correctly?

    any idea what this would mean?

    my webhost upgraded php from 4.1 to 4.6 and now all my php scripts just show the source and not render properly. I was told to make it work to turn on register_globals.

    Thought that was a basic no no with php?

    Tell them if you can see all the PHP code instead of being parsed – they screwed up something during the upgrade.

    its a vps account and they say it’s my responsibility to configure it correctly. Although their the one that wrote the upgrade script for apache and php.

    They’re telling me to turn on register_globals or fix the script’s code to complay with php 4.3 as far as variables being passed with GET and POST.

    “The PHP issues you are experiencing are due to code. PHP is working on the server.”

    Although all I did was upgrade php and did nothing to the files.

    Here’s what i did and the update….

    I asked my webhost to upgrade apache to 2.x and php 4.3.x
    After it was complete my wordpress website stopped working. I get this and but php works ok

    I even uploaded fresh files to one of the sites and nothing. I had a friend of mine who’s a unix sys admin look at the server side of things and he says everythig should work ok. It’s just wordpress not working for this upgrade.

    Is there anything I can test or any suggestions?

    Update: while doing a fresh install on a new domain and database I get to this point in the install and it just stops.

    Second Step

    Now we’re going to create the database tables and fill them with some default data….

    php files have proper permissions to be read and index.php is listed as a starting file for default fodler files in httpd.conf.

    I GIVE UP. almost.

    YOu can toggle register_globals on and off by using .htaccess file in your root folder
    php_flag register_globals on

    php_flag register_globals off

    I tried that and they shouldn’t be on for anything but when I did turn them on it didn’t make a difference.

    php files render ok but it seems like WP php files dont want to execute. works ok but not

    Peter Westwood


    WordPress Lead Developer

    Have you checked the error_log and the permissions on the php files that won’t run?

    yes I have and they aren’t telling me anything unusual or problematic.
    Permissions are set to what all other php files are. It’s just that the wp- files are not rendering.

    I’m going to try a different webhost.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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