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Is this usable for higly custom products/prices?

  • Hi everyone,
    Need some insights from current woocommerce powerusers/developers.

    I’m posting this question ’cause my timeframe for this project is getting really off the tracks…

    I’m developping a website for a company that sells used/restored truck parts. They have arround 20.000 product references. They buy used trucks and dismantle the thing piece by piece. Some parts they leave as they are, others are treated with some paintings, etc… Because of all this, and because they sell for a professional market, not general public, they dont have a fixed price for every reference. They can have several engines of the same brand (they only sell products from one brand) and model (so, same product ID/internal reference) with different milages, condition, age…

    So I need a lot of functionalities from a pluggin like woocommerce, but they dont want to show prices (for now). They want that their clients ‘add product to cart’ to ask for cotation. So, on checking out the only needed information is a name and e.mail. To avoid abuses, a link must be sent to clients provided e.mail for confirmation of the request…

    In the future, they want to give to some clients access to the site through a username/password and those registered users will be able to see (one of) the price (s). In the backend the products must have 5 ‘price levels’ and each client will have is own level witch will corresponds to ‘price level’.

    My question is: is this achievable with woocommerce with some minor tweaks, or should I think seriously in develop all this functionality with custom post types, etc…? Or even get out of the WordPress and build a complete custom solution…


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