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  • Hi,

    Im reading though the docs for 2 days but i still cant figure it out if its possible…

    What i want to make is; a gallery on the frontpage (thumbnails), when click on them, u goto the ‘view page’, and get the full version. And below the full version is the comment system.

    I need some pointers to how to get my plugin on the frontpage. I search for a plugin that had the same idea but couldnt find one… I know PHP thats not the problem, but im missing the anatomy of a plugin info…


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  • First it sounds like you want the functionlity of a “photoblog” so try searching for photoblog & also, search for photoblog themes already created.

    Naa its not a photoblog, there arent any posts involved. Just a series of thumbnails…

    “u goto the ‘view page’, and get the full version. And below the full version is the comment system.”

    That sounds like a Post? If not could you show an example from another site that has it?

    I did that in my gallery with one installation of wordpress. It takes a lot of customization, custom category templates – there’s no plugin out there (yet) that does this.

    You can look at Yapb, Johannes is wonderful and you can probably get a lot of assistance in customizing his plugin in his forum. 🙂

    Thinking about it, you could use Yapb, set a specific category as the main index page, clicking the thumbnails would bring you to the single post with large image & comments. For example, your main page would be something like this: my yapb photoblog archives

    Or you could use just excerpts on the front page and in the Optional Excerpt space (below the posting area), just put your thumbnail image. WP already makes the post title clickable (although it’s nice to have the thumbs clickable too), so the viewer would just click on that post’s title to be taken to the individual post page where you have further content.

    And maybe you’d want to style the front page titles to make them less obtrusive?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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