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    Hi everyone.

    Subscribe2 has always worked fine in my blog. It may still working fine and just the way it should.

    I recently merged almost 3000 emails from different accounts in one database, including 2 or three that I use as test email addresses.

    My hosting limit is 400 emails/hour, so I have set it up to send the emails in batches of 350 per hour just to be safe. Nine batches in total, to be more precise.

    The first thing that surprised me was that the admin account received all nine batches notifications in one go. I thought I would receive them whenever a new batch was despatched (one per hour). Is this the way it should be?

    And secondly, the test email addresses never received the email but other subscribers did. I am aware that this is a common doubt, but I wonder if there is a log that I could check without referring to the hosting provider. As I said, the plugin might be working just the way it should and that I am not understanding properly its functioning, so I’d appreciate some clarification.

    By the way, I’m using version 6.1


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  • @arroyero,

    Subscribe2 is working as expected, it can batch emails to work around some hosts limiting the number of recipients allowed per email. This is not the same thing as throttling the number of emails sent per hour.

    To accomplish the latter you will need to ask your hosting provider about server side throttling of sending and if they cannot help you may consider this paid plugin which queues mail and works fine with Subscribe2.

    Many thanks @mattyrob,

    Obviously using a localised version of the plugin made me misundertand the way it works. If I got it right, Subscribe2 sends nine emails (in this example), each one of them with up to 350 addresses in the Bcc field, and not 350 emails per hour as I originally thought, right?

    Your description is how Subscribe2 works, the addresses are added in batches to the BCC header and sent immediately.

    Thanks a lot. I will consider the premium plugin

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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