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  • I am building a site at a discounted rate to get some experience. The site is already on wordpress, I am adding the functionality described below. It is for a company that fits security cameras and equipment.

    Customers need to be able to log in to an account on the website, so they can report faults with security cameras that have been fitted. They enter a description of the fault and select which camera the fault is with. The owner of the security company, who fitted the cameras, needs to be able to log in to his account on the site, and see a list of cameras that have faults with them. He also needs to be able to add new customers and add new cameras, so that the customer can select ‘camera 27’ or ‘camera 3’ for example, when reporting a fault.

    I am going to install an SSL certificate on this site.

    Someone told me I should build this the following way: I would recommend using a custom post type for cameras and the Gravity Forms plugin for the interface, you should be able to tweak the form to include a select box of cameras (you might have to delve into the gravity forms api for this).

    Would you agree with this way of building this site or could you please recommend an alternative way? Thank-you.

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  • “Best way to build this” depends on the project scope, required functionality, and available resources. I would agree that custom post types (and possibly custom taxonomies) would play a major role in this project. So far the advice you received sounds reasonable. Which plugin/tool you use to build out the forms (Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, ACF, Pods, Formidable Forms, etc.) is merely a matter of detail. If you have time, you may want to play with a few of them and see which one works best for you.

    Thanks Bemdesign.

    I want the fault/ support tickets to be listed when the security company logs in to the site, and also the following:

    – this must all be done from the backend, when the customer and security company are logged in to their accounts
    – when the customer have submitted a fault with a camera, they need to be able to see a list of faults they have submitted, when they have logged into their account
    – the security company must be able to log in to their account, and see a list of faults that need sorting, they also need to be able to mark these are ‘resolved’ or ‘in progress’ . They need to be able to add a note to this if required, so that the customer can see this next to the fault when they log in
    – the security company needs to be able to see how many faults have been sorted within the last 3,5,7 or 30 days for each customer
    – For each of the cameras, the security company must be able to add details about them, such as where they are located (address) and if they are in warranty.
    – When the customer selects the camera that has a fault, the address and warranty details of the camera must show up on the support ticket they are filling out
    – the security company must be able to see a list of all the cameras that there are, including the location (address) and warranty details of each of the cameras.

    Do you think gravity forms or a similar plugin would be useful for these requirements? Thank-you so much for the support!

    You may want to take a look at plugins for WordPress that do “support tickets” ( and examine the code and UI/UX to see how they do things. It might be useful for planning out how you want to architect and build your solution.

    But to directly answer your question, yes those plugins can be useful. Again, I would suggest making a test WordPress site (local or on a server) and work with these plugins out to find out what they do and how you can use them. Know the tools before making a decision on which ones to use.

    I’m looking a support ticket plugins right now 🙂 None of them seem to be very popular but I’m learning a lot from them thanks.

    bemdesign I was thinking, could I not use a custom post type as ‘tickets’ to report the faults? The cameras could be a custom taxonomy which are selectable from a dropdown, so only 1 can be associated with each fault?

    Correct – you can have multiple custom post type with their own custom taxonomies and you can associate them. See the interesting CPT-onomies plugin to see how a creative approach allowing custom post types to become taxonomies for other custom post types. There are other approaches to this as well including the more standard P2P (Posts to Posts) which builds relationships between different posts (including custom post types).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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