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  • Hello,
    I see this plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years and hasn’t been tested for the past few WP releases. Will it be tested for WP 5.0? Is this plugin still being maintained? Thank you!

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  • Shane


    I don’t think it’s still being maintained, and was wondering myself if the plugin author was planning on updating it to WP5.0….. Apparently, you can contact the author by donating via his paypal link? Seems like a roll of the dice, but whatevs… this is what he says:

    I do read all support questions in the forums but cannot reply to all of them. The plugin is an unpaid side project and full support would require more time than I can invest for free for over 20k active installs. If you really need help, consider buying me a cookie – best way to attract my attention and to support future enhancements.

    Thank you @propertunity Shane! As Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson would say, “Damn, we’re in a tight spot!”
    Sucks, this is the only plugin I’ve seen that does this and I can’t find a tut with the PHP to do it manually and there’s no way I could figure it out for myself…
    If this was my own site, I’d go for it, but since it’s for a client, I don’t want to take any risks.
    Thanks again for sharing that info!



    so….. this WP 5.0 update has kinda put me through the wringer… Its super buggy in the backend with my custom theme. After lots of crying in the corner in the fetal position and questioning life choices, I’ve persevered and am just rewriting everything using their twentynineteen theme and a stepping stone…

    I won’t get around to messing with this plugin for a few weeks now, but if I figure it out I’ll post a solution here. I had it working a while back…

    What I remember doing was using the featured-img as the div bg and used the info here

    somehthing like:


    if(has_post_video( $post_id )) {
    the_post_video( $size )

    elseif ( has_post_thumbnail() ) {

    else {}

    “Did you see what GOD just did to us man! God didn’t do that, you did! You’re a fking narcotics agent, I knew it….

    Bahahaha! OMG I’m dying!
    I did have this plugin working fine on a fresh install, using WP 5.0. and I didn’t find any glitches but I got scared off and killed it. Found VideographyWP (tested up to 4.9.8) and I’m running that now. So far so good, and it’s deferring all the youtube js for me too, so bonus!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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