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  • I’m using it, I used it today.

    I think sometimes the WP search function doesn’t work well. I’ve had trouble finding files on the WP plugin site before.

    Looks like it’s gone from here, but available on GitHub-

    Wow. What a mess. I hope they sort out this stuff. So I downloaded this plugin at the end of December 2016. I wonder if my version is vulnerable?

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    It is. Use the latest version from GitHub.

    I love the plugin, the flexibility of the shortcodes is great. I have this on a dozen websites and can’t find a similar replacement.

    I removed the plugin on one site and then tried uploading the GitHub file and got a headers already sent message. I also can’t figure out the API for the updater. Kind of a bummer.

    Yeah you know I’m a little hesitant to upgrade this, as I have never done it manually and I don’t want to screw it up. It’s a little unnerving thinking about a vulnerability, though.

    I did upload the GitHub verison & updated activate on one install that I have. I had to delete the old version of the plugin first, which also removed the data. I would like a way to keep the old data. I know that it can be exported, but I have some clients that like to see a full list of the history.

    I’m so happy it is still in development. But Micheal @msimpson will you be back on the WordPress install/update system?

    @msimpson be strong. You have helped so many of us thanks to this plugin. Keep it up and don’t feel discouraged by like 2 people from the plugins team who aren’t nice to you. Rather think about the thousands you help!
    I hope you’ll get back on tracks soon. Please keep us up to date if anything changes.


    I dont know how to use github, but i can still try to download latest version from there. Problem is, I already have this plugin installed on 2 of my websites. How do I upgrade my already installed plugins to the latest version, as some updates to fix security vulnerabilities are made in latest files.

    Please help!


    Devna Maheshwari

    I’m another happy user who doesn’t know how to upgrade from Github without losing the data. WordPress won’t install over the top, and uninstalling the old version would remove the data. Do we unzip the zip file and overwrite the files with FTP? Please advise.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    If you uninstall CFDB, that data is NOT lost. It still sits in the database. To install the new version, uninstall the old one, then re-install the new one. You don’t loose anything.

    The only exception: there is an option in the CFDB Options page under System tab to make the data delete on uninstall. That is off by default. That is intended for a case where you don’t want to use the plugin anymore and want it to cleanup the database when it uninstalls.

    Follow instructions here:

    Thanks, Michael. I was going on what delawaregrad said six months ago (, that their data went away. And it’s very nerve-racking that WP warns: “Are you sure you want to delete Contact Form DB and its data?” But you’re right – it doesn’t actually delete the data.

    We all are rooting for you (or if you’re Australian and find that term rude, we’re barracking for you, or if you’re from elsewhere, we’re cheering you on – English is so complicated!). In other words, we’re sorry you had a rough experience, and we hope you and WP can work things out again.

    I really love your cfdb plugin !
    You are the man !
    Hope to see it in plugin site again !

    I will download it from github currently.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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