• Hello I have a simple question. On my blog page I notice comments that doesnt really say anything but paraphase my original article. I’m wondering if this is spam? Why do they do this? Should I just delete? Thank you, an example is given below ….

    # FileVille Blog » Blog Archive » Fedora Core Upgrade Says:
    May 25th, 2006 at 8:04 am

    […] I will enjoy this new version, with it’s few (new) but useful features. No Tags [link] [Trackback] [] [ (?)] […]

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  • WPChina


    No, this is a trackback, not a comment. A trackback is where somebody else links to your blog from theirs. However, it DOES seem like Trackback Spam.

    I agree that this is confusing. I used to use MovableType and found the distinction between comments and trackbacks much easier to deal with. However on WP, it can be confusing.

    Does anyone know an easier way to distinguish them in the WP admin area?

    Also, you CAN delete the trackback so that a link back to the other person’s blog does not appear. Since it seems like Trackback Spam, you should delete it.

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