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  • Won’t pretend like i’m a pro developer, but your latest update is a real mess!
    I’ve been trying to build my Multi-Seller website with WC for weeks now without the ability to publish my website live without solving the eternal issue with woocommerce ( images sizes control )!

    And no matter which theme i install/test, still can’t control product’s image size! without manual editing – which not possible when it comes to a multi seller store!

    Unless i hire more employees just to optimize/re-upload every single product’s image submitted by vendors!

    Knowing that i’ve searched/browsed tons of topics through the support forums looking for a solution, but unfortunately i wasn’t lucky enough to find one !
    the only thing that was found is more and more complains about the latest update, without any serious effort to solve it from the tech. team side ! the easiest way always is to throw the issue on the themes developers side!

    Briefly, We’re not supposed to be experienced coders to use a so called ( beginners friendly ) plugin !

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  • Accusing developers because YOU are not able to install a woocomemrce shop correctly…

    Well, Generally this is supposed to be my OWN REVIEW (Not some sort of discussion topics), which basically means you’re not invited to participate and your opinion is totally NOT needed !
    Unless you’re presenting the plugin authors as their Fancy lawyer! this would be a whole different story then!

    However! i’ll try to act like i’m writing this reply to an #adultو Who has an extensive experience in web development and programming! so let me ask you this!

    How would you deal with this type of product images? which comes with very vary sizes and without blank, transparent, or white background! And there’s no way to crop it or using some sort of auto resizing plugins to edit it!

    take a look here : ex1 ex2

    PS: We’re already running a similar store with another platform which has +600 daily images uploads, with manual review & approve! but unlike this one which gonna be a wholesales fashion store, and this is the type of products image the vendors would provide for their goods !

    And like any other starter business, you’d better lower your expenses as much as you can ( which means fewer employees/monthly costs) till you make sure that you’re on the right track !

    Anyway, guess i have said enough, more things has been declared !
    Hope that Automattic team will consider our biggest issue (and we’re many) within their upcoming updates, and allow us to choose when to pay for a service/plugin/ or extensions, Not forcing us !

    There’re people/businesses depending on them!

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley



    I think someone swapped your . key for ! 🙂

    2 articles to look at:

    Those cover your options both with code and without.

    Plugin Support Con Schneider


    Automattic Happiness Engineer


    Here are two additional helpful plugins that I like using for image management: – allows to view, edit current and create new image sizes. – allows to manage which image sizes are automatically created.

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