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    As part of a college assignment we have to put together a portfolio website and integrate wordpress into it, preferably without using any plugins. However I’m unsure if WordPress can do what I want it to and was hoping someone could advise is this is worth it/possible

    The basic layout of the site is that the home page has three image galleries (in three separate divs) and each of the images in these galleries links into a specific gallery page relating to that image but with links to the rest of the gallery. I’m wondering can wordpress populate the initial galleries and if I use a single post for each gallery entry is it possible to have a different style of post page for a traditional blog?

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  • I’m not quite sure what your first question is, since in your first sentence you mention you have to use WordPress and in the second you are unsure if you should use WordPress for it. So, without going into your second paragraph: your first line says you should use WP 😉

    So, to the second paragraph: There are a few ways to build multiple galleries. To use multiple built in galleries you should use different posts. You can also use a plugin like NextGen Gallery and setup seperate galleries in there.
    You can style it however you want. If you’re using the posts solution you could add classes in the loop (ie gallery-1,gallery-2 etc.) or use CSS-only (ie .galleries:nth-child(1), .galleries:nth-child(1)).
    When using a plugin like NGG you can use seperate divs and load the specific galleries inside that div (how to do that would be somewhere in the docs of NGG, haven’t used it in a while so I can’t remember what the shortcode is).

    So, yes: you could use WordPress for this.

    Ah yes I should have clarified, we have to use wordpress but I can satisfy that requirement by just plugging in a basic blog and “hard coding” the galleries, I was more wondering about the galleries, which your post has answered, thank you.

    Yeah, that’s what I figured 😉

    If this has answered your question, could you mark the topic Resolved? 🙂

    A related question, is is possible to use the loop to only output x amount of posts e.g. in the first div on a page throw in a php for loop to output the first x posts to the first div, another for loop to output the next x posts to the second div and so on?

    Yes – multiple loops are possible, and the loop can be manipulated to do a lot of different things. If you want to play around with loop coding, I suggest starting with the codex articles on The Loop and The Loop in Action. The examples there should give you an idea of the possibilities. And have fun!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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