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  • Hey all! I’m designing a simple website for my friend and want to make it very easy to maintain. The site isn’t blog focused, but I like the ease of use with WP but I’m not too familiar with the underworkings of it.

    On the first page of the site I’d like to have a news section, which obviously, WP works great with.

    However, I want to have sub pages, or categories like in WP, but when you click on the category and it brings up all corresponding entries, for them to be listed by say title only (like an entry with only title, no other info) and clicking on this to bring up the entry.

    Sort of blog like, but not. Do the templates in WP 1.2.2 allow this?

    If not, does 1.5 allow this and if I go ahead with the site now, am I going to have upgrade problems as new versions come out?


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  • If each “sub-page” is simply a new file, and so a new template, it would be easy to configure each in the way you’re looking for.

    If everything is held in the same template (i.e. index.php), then it’s a tiny bit more difficult, but still can be done.

    Basically, you’re just looking at which category you’re page is presently under, and then modifying The Loop based on that. For one way to handle this, check out Kitten’s Show Categories plugin to see if it fills your needs:

    Yes each sub page could be a new file, don’t need one page at all. Just not sure if that would be possible.

    Any good examples of sites being run like this in WP? Or documentation on how I might go about this?

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