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  • Hi,

    I am a total newbie to WP. I was building a website when I saw an article somewhere that mentioned how easy it is to build on WP.
    Tried my hand on it and everything from installation to setting up a website was a breeze. I am sold on the idea of using WP
    I had designed my website before looking at WP so now would like to know if what I have thought of is possible with stock WP or using themes and plug-ins.
    I would like to describe my idea using a few screenshots Page

    1. Menu bar
    LOGO – would be an image
    Menu items Home, First, Second… would be multi-level menus
    About us & Contact would be different font color and size and directly link to a page

    2. In a semi transparent block with some text and a placed image. The whole box or text should be hyper linkable

    3. Background should be full screen image preferably should be a slide show

    4. Footer – Same opacity as the block above and would have links

    5. Dulled out image or pattern

    Page 1

    6. Image slider atleast 5-6 images each having a text overlay if possible

    7. Images that open up in a lightbox

    8. Image button that opens up a page

    9. Text that can be hyper linked (should have the ability to hyperlink without underlining)

    10. Search web site

    Page 2

    11. Tabs

    If it is possible could you also mention what themes or plugins need to be used


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  • You have to make your own theme…
    and depending upon it the plugins will be used

    Making a theme on my own would be a bit too much.
    Probably tweaking some theme thats close to this would be easier..

    Any theme or plug-in?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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