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Is this possible in Multi-Site?

  • So I run a Entertainment/Production Company. I have 3 main sections of our company, Our Wedding Division, School Dance Division and Production Division. We want to be able to post giglogs specific for each site. but have all of them on our main company page.

    so could I post from my MAIN SITE and also have the same post show up on my Wedding Site? Is their an plugin for this?

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  • You can definitely get post entries on one main site but posting on the main site to the other sites might be tricky but could be done with some custom coding and custom themes… All sites share the same database so yes this is possible but you would probably need to do some custom tweaking. There are also possibly plugins but I’ll let someone else do the recommendation as I haven’t been using any similar plugins.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


    You don’t want to, unless this is 100% an internal site. Why? Google will ding you HARD for duplicated content.

    @ipstenu – great point! What about this then, What if I posted a gig log on the correct site, and on my main site did something like “check out our latest _______” and when guest click on it, it has a link to the blog posting on the correct site?

    That works.

    The other popular option is to use WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages (yes, I know, weird name), which will, in an SEO friendly way, pull all posts from all your sites into one ‘tag’ site. When you click on the links in the tag site, it’ll redirect you to the real blog 🙂

    That’s mostly useful when you want the main site to have everything. If you only want to have SOME things, manually is a good way.

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