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  • Hi all,

    To clarify the mildly ambiguous title, I’ve built a simple shop for a wine importer to sell wine. WooCommerce works fine, I’m happy, client is happy.

    The shop is set up with each product (wine) to be available in either 6 bottle or 12 bottle cases. A person can click on a product, select a 6-bottle or 12 bottle case, goto another product, select a 6 or 12-bottle case, checkout, pay.

    My Client has now asked if it’s possible for someone to ‘build their own case’ of either 6 or 12 bottles of wine. I.e, select 2 single bottles of one wine, 2 of another and 2 of another. While this is possible to just add individual wines to the cart, this doesn’t take into consideration any ‘bulk discount’, although the discount would depend on what wines are chosen, so can’t really be a blanket 10% off, and you wouldn’t want 10% off ALL products – just the selection of 6 or 12 single bottles, as it doesn’t stop people from buying 8 or 15 individual wines.

    Would it be possible to create a ‘Product’ called “Custom Mixed Cases” where someone could click on “Custom Mixed Cases”, then in there select from all the products currently uploaded, a number of wines up to 6 or 12? Or any other way that could be at all possible. (additional woocommerce plugin etc) I’ve tried to find an example of what I’m after, but even the big wine companies don’t seem to do it… Maybe there’s a reason why…

    Any ideas/comments welcome.

    Many thanks,


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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