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  • Hey everyone, I’m new here and I hope I’m posting this in the correct place.

    I have basically just started using WordPress and am a complete novice. But at the moment I am trying to create a very basic site for a friend, who owns an auto garage.

    The site he needs is a series of very basic static pages with the exception of the pages which represent the different brands of cars he sells, which are accessed via a drop down menu. What he wants to be able to do is to have a page with a bulleted description of each car with 2-4 small thumbnails of the car itself (which can be enlarged).

    My question is; is this possible in WordPress? Are there any plugins that may be of use for this? Obviously I would like to make it as easy for him to manage as possible so ultimately he would be able to remove cars and add them to the respective car page.

    I’m sorry if none of this makes any sense. I’ll stop rambling now 🙂


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  • Hrm not sure if I understand right, but it sounds like you need to just create some static “Pages” which can be done on the left sidebar of the dashboard, and use the “categories” for anything you will add more posts too later.

    If the cars are going to get “outdated” maybe it’s best to just make each post under a categories so that the older ones get pushed away.

    Well at the moment, it works like this;

    The site is single column. You select Cars from the top menu and a list of cars then appear in a drop down menu, say for example I select BMW. I would then be taken to the BMW Page. Ideally from there I would presented with a layout like:

    Car Title

    *Bullet Item One
    *Bullet Item One…………………..Thumbnail One Thumbnail Two
    *Bullet Item One…………………..Thumbnail Three Thumbnail Four
    *Bullet Item One

    This layout would be repeated for how ever many cars there were for BMW.

    Like I say, I’ve only just started using WP so any advice would be greatly appreciated on how I could a layout like this.

    You can create a page for each car then edit the static page but that might not be right. It might be best to use categories instead of pages and make a separate post for each category. You can also have categories in the navbar instead of posts if you use the rightplug in.Hrm not sure

    Okay man. I will look into it. Thanks for your quick reply

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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